Our Services

Business Consulting, Project Management, & Strategic Planning:

There are many complexities to navigate when any business undertakes a new project, expansion, or relocation. Factors that must be competently assessed before the initiation of any project include, but are not limited to: access to capital; regulatory and policy impediments; governmental incentives and benefits; the real estate market; and the current political climate. We will help your business develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to anticipate and resolve issues to maximize the return on your project's investment.

Finance & Development:

Auric Ventures' experience in the field of economic development renders us uniquely qualified in assisting our clients to procure financing through a number of means, including traditional corporate financing initiatives, government financing, loan packaging, and alternative investment funds.

Targeted Realty Acquisitions:

Auric Ventures' site selection service integrates our experience in economic development and zoning matters with traditional commercial real estate brokerage services to generate targeted potential real estate acquisitions that are narrowly-tailored to meet the needs of our clients, optimizing the project's success, while mitigating extraneous costs and site visits.